Friday, 29 May 2009

isn't life just kind of better when it's warm?
scraped knees, bare legs, plaits & dirty shoes.
hello summer,
missed you :) ♥

top: matalan
shorts: dorothy perkins, 2 years ago
shoes: matalan
necklace: ebay

(2 outfit posts in 2 days?! madness!)


linde said...

thank you (:
Wonderful pictures!
Life is indeed better with a warm breeze (:

Amanda said...

I love all your photos!
Theay are so nice!

Lindsey said...

As soon as the temperature drops below 70, i'm obsessing for the heat to come around again lol. Great photos as usual!

dani said...

I did the underworld, too, but I did the slaves essay, then on the tragedy paper I did oedipus and the agamemnon essay question.. i still haven't even read the bacchae >.<
i think i was quite lucky to have it just after a maths exam, it made it seem a lot easier, ha :)

ps - psht, you'll be A*! you're amazing at classics.
pps - i am so posting this on the wrong blog post :D xx

DaisyChain said...

life feels so much better with bare legs!

BrownAndCookies said...

your pictures are so great :)

kiss from Portugal***


muchlove said...

great pics, lovely :)

yiqin; said...

No! It is way too hot here now :(

A. said...

i have no idea, there are no speical places where i finde or where i take my pictures. but thanks a lot.
your outfit is pretty cute. and the forest and the nature in the background are grreat.

Parapluie said...

Oh, the photos capture the "summer feel" so well!

Diane said...

Oh, how I love scraped knees. It's a weird thing to love but it really does remind me of summer.

Raquel said...

those shorts are lovely darling! this weather is absolutely great!

GracieFrances; said...

lovely photographs (:
i have shorts, just like those (but a little different)
hehe, x

Annie said...

Your pigtail braids are soo pretty!