Friday, 5 June 2009

hello! i haven't posted in ages! what a bad blogger i am.
last weekend was spent preparing for exams, which finished last tuesday :D!
having only had 40 minutes of sleep the night before (6 hour exam on 40 minutes sleep? eep!) i spent most of wednesday sleeping, and then on thursday i had the nicest nicest nicest day ever when, as an early birthday present, my Boyfriend the Magnificent took me to bristol zoo!
the weather was lovely, he was lovely (as always), the animals were adorable, public transport was surprisingly excellent, we had sweets and ice cream and and and eee :)
it was just the best. really. the nicest.

so life is basically lovely right now, and i'm just taking the time to enjoy it :)
books (i can read again! and not feel guilty! YAY!), films, boyfriend, bed.
it's wonderful.
stay wonderful, you :) ♥


Gem said...

Awwww sounds wonderful! And what lovely photos you managed to take!

It's fantastic when exam related things aren't taking up all your time! I always get annoyed with revising and such.

I'm sure you did great with that 6 hour exam despite having very little sleep the night before!

La Fée said...

aww I always like the penguins the best :)

DaisyChain said...

Oh I love Bristol zoo, I don't go often enough considering it's really not far from me!

Kitty said...

Your exams sound super tough, congrats on getting through them!
And the zoo! Am mighty jealous, have been wanting to go for ages now, hope you had a lovely time
Kitty x