Sunday, 18 April 2010

moony & wormtail & padfoot & prongs ♥

There are a few things on this blog that don't need repeating. The first: I'm so sorry about my lack of updates. The second: I love you all of you lovely readers so bloody much, and am racked with guilt about my crappy inability to comment back. And, the third: I'm really really into Harry Potter.

I got this amazing new t-shirt from evietees - an etsy site that has all kinds of lovely fandom-based treats, for those among us who can't seem to let go of their childhood loves. Safe to say, this is my new favourite shirt :)

I hope you've all been splendid! I am so sorry for not having updated or commented any of you beautifuls back - it's a crappy excuse to say that I'm insanely busy at the moment, but I'm afraid it's the truth. We're back at school & I have my A-Level exams in 5 weeks time, so it's pressurepressurepressure and workworkwork for me right now! On top of that I work the evening shift at my local supermarket every Wednesday & Thursday, I usually spend Friday-Sunday with my boyfriend, and Monday & Tuesday nights are therefore the only nights left available to actually get on with some schoolwork! But I promise that as soon as these silly exams are out of the way I'll have all the time in the world and - providing this beautiful weather sticks around! - I'll be updating a lot more :)

Stay magic.
Love, Holly ♥

Saturday, 10 April 2010

denim dress & overworn shoes ♥

First off, I suppose I should (once again!) apologise for my predictable absence. I can't even blame school, as I've had the past 2 weeks off! But those 2 weeks have been full of work work work or drama drama drama, and this Saturday has actually been the first day that I've had completely to myself.
It's been a perfect to have just for me though, as the sun has finally decided to show it's face in Blighty!
I spent the morning in the little town where I go to school, looking for presents for my friend Megan, who turns 18 next week. It was busy & bustling & sunshiney - as you can see from the pictures, I actually took my cardigan off for the first time this year! I bought lots of presents for her, some adorable shoes for myself that you'll see soon, and then treated myself to some art by Chris Schinder. I've never owned actual art before, it's terribly exciting :D

Ooh, and speaking of purchases - along with some wizard rock albums (honestly, it doesn't get much cooler than me) - I recently bought Rufus Wainwright's new album, 'All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu', and it's a thing of absolute beauty. Give it a listen - I'm sure you won't regret it.

But anyway! After my morning in town I came home about lunchtime and, after writing pages and pages in my journal, decided I'd go for the walk that I used to go for every day last summer - and thought it was about time I paid this blog, and you lovely readers, some attention!
Turns out I've missed the woods alot more than I thought.

I hope you've all been well, and that your day was as lovely & quiet & much-needed as mine :)

Love, Holly ♥

dress: topshop, last year
shoes: primark
satchel: asos
cardigan: george @ asda