Saturday, 15 August 2009

gloucester, cathedral, my friend's house.
a day in the life ♥

Sunday, 9 August 2009

so as you all knowwwww, a week ago i was in jamaica!
i didn't take a bunch of outfit posts cause, y'know. jamaica.
but i had the best time :)
i swam with dolphins, which was predictably phenomenal.
all the hype that surrounds it is totally deserved, and it's well worth the money.
i also visited bob marley's house, climbed dunn's river falls, went kayaking...
went horseback riding into the sea, river tubed, visited ocho rios & the mountain cities...
just, loads of things. it was literally amazing, one of the nicest places ever.
so! yes!
though there's still many photos to be uploaded & sorted & whatnot,
these are the main ones --
and i'll upload the others as soon as i get them :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

hello everybody!
i got back from jamaica yesterday morning, & i'm still in the process of sorting out pictures and stuff.
in the mean time - have a random inspiration post!
i'm really looking forward to having a major blog-reading session,
so i'll be commenting you all back & everything soon :D
have you had a good 2 weeks? i know i have! ♥

i always find it easier to get inspiration from pictures like these rather than actual fashion pictures - what about you?
oh, & how do you feel about posts like this?
i have a huuuge inspiration folder, so god knows i could do a few more!
let me know what you think :)