Monday, 30 March 2009

on sunday, i went to the city of gloucester, which is a few miles from where i live :) it's only a very little city, and it isn't very fun or exciting, but neither am i, so i like it alot :D
it has all the necessities (topshop, primark, h&m..) & isn't crazy amounts of big, so that's good. it's also very historical & a billion pieces of literature allude to it. you might remember the beatrix potter story, the tailors of gloucester? from your childhood?
anyway :) my favourite part of gloucester is the beauuuutiful cathedral - where parts of harry potter were filmed! so that's exciting, as i am a harry potter nerd through & through. it's totally lovely, and i intended to take lots & lots of photographs for you all, but unfortunately it was shut to the public for some military service. boo! :(
oh well, next time perhaps!

this outfit is exactly the sort of thing i used to wear, back in the day :) & it took me wayyyy way back to the good old days (libertines fans will understand this) -- of which, of course, there were none.
i apologise profusely for the awkward posing in the pictures - i'm terribly camera shy when it comes to taking pictures of myself in public!
as you can see, i did some shopping. mostly presents for two of my best friends (who very inconveniently decided to be born within two weeks of each other), but i did buy a really cute hairband & jumper for me - which i'll show you all very soon!

babyshambles top: glastonbury
cardigan: h&m
sunglasses, shoes & tights: primark
shorts: new look
ring: topshop

Saturday, 28 March 2009

fun times :(
well, here you have what i've been up to this morning!
& the reason for why my posts have been sporadic at best as of late, and will continue to be for a few weeks yet.
i have exams in only a few weeks time, & it's safe to say that i'm starting to freak out!
so i've been revising full-force &, unfortunately, blogging has taken something of a back seat.
hopefully it'll all be back to normal soon, & i promise i'll keep trying to steal a few hours off from revision to take some lovely photos :) i am going shopping tomorrow (teehee! naughty!) so hopefully i'll take some pictures then that are a little bit more exciting than these :)
i hope you're all alright - and have a great weekend.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

hi everybody!
just a quick update today.
i actually took these pictures a biiillion years ago (as you can tell from the fact that it's my old bedroom!), but i haven't shared them til now.
i don't know why, i absolutely adore this coat :)
anyway! i hope you're all alright & have had a lovely day.
i'm off to watch a film called 'imaginary heroes' --
have a great evening! :) ♥

coat: muu-baa
t-shirt: next
tights: no idea
shoes: primark
shorts: new look

Monday, 23 March 2009

sorrysorry for my absence! i am awful, i know D:
but as you may or not know, i've redecorated my room! i got very impatient waiting for my curtains to arrive so i could photograph my room, so i just took some pictures without them :) so you'll need to imagine that there are lovely pink curtains rather than horrid brown blinds by the window, & then you'll have a better idea of what it actually looks like :)

why yes, that is four copies of 'a picture of dorian gray'. all entirely neccessary :D
anyway! hope that insanely image-heavy post makes up for a severe lack of posts as of late :( hope you're all okay!
if you'd like to know where anything's from, just let me know :) ♥

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

totally loving all this warm weather at the moment, but not quite ready to give up on my jumpers just yet :)
have a great week! ♥

jumper: zara
dress: h&m
tights: new look
shoes: primark
necklace: gift :)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

today, the weather was really lovely & sunny & warm, so i thought it was about time i wore something other than pyjamas/my school uniform & some photos! i went for a big long walk in the woods and wrote a little story, then when i came home i made some apple & cinnamon biscuits (questionable at best) and then watched 'scenes of a sexual nature', which i haven't seen since last year, so that was nice :) & now i've just come back from visiting my grandmother.
i remain a billion miles behind on schoolwork but, heck, i had a nice sunday :D
what did you get up to this weekend? ♥

necklace: debenhams
dress: oasis
vest: h&m
tights: topshop
shoes: primark
bag: vintage

Saturday, 14 March 2009

i'm all sorts of sorry for not writing or commenting lately :( i've been ever so busy painting my room & then discovering i'm allergic to paint fumes. work seems to be piling piling piling up & i have to admit i'm finding it all a bit overwhelming at the moment, and so have retreated back to childlike comforts. at the moment, my life looks like this --

i'll post soon, i'll post soon, i promise :)

Monday, 9 March 2009

sorry i haven't posted lately! i've had the most horrible of weekends :( & i'm afraid normal posting may not resume for a while as i'm busybusy redecorating my room! which i am so excited to show you, when it's finished :)

anyway, i took some time out of my busy busy schedule to make some cakes & take some photos :) i hope you've all had a lovely weekend! :D

dress: h&m
cardigan: bank
tights: topshop
shoes: primark

Thursday, 5 March 2009

today, i didn't go to school! heehee! instead, i decided to indulge in the far more important & neccessary habit of shopping. me & my mum went to cribbscauseway, and since that's inside i decided i didn't need to dress up warm & could instead take my new dress out for a walk! it's totally lovely and cute, and with the childish ankle socks i felt about five years old. i was going to add a penguin backpack, but thought that would probably be too much :D

below is what i bought! the bag is for school, & it was from topshop. the cardigan was frommmm Bank? i'm not sure, some chavvy shop, but it was too cute to resist, and the top is Tommy Hilfiger, in order to satisfy my inner prep. i'm not sure if you can see, but i also bought some white gold earrings, and a cute little fluffy bunny pen. oh, and, yeah, the box, which doesn't go with my room at all but i totally love.

dress & shoes: topshop
cardigan: h&m

socks: marks & spencers
necklace: claires

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

i wouldn't be able to class myself as truly british unless i got abnormally excited over the slightest amount of sun.

also, i really like ridiculous, tacky, cheap necklaces :D

cardigan & top: h&m
long shorts: river island
'sexy' necklace ;D : new look
shoes: primark

Sunday, 1 March 2009

dress up sunday ♥

today is a sunday, and sundays are days designed for playing dress up! today was the turn of maria merryweather, the 13 year old protagonist from one of my favourite novels, The Little White Horse.
one of the reasons The Little White Horse is such a delight to read is Elizabeth Goudge's dreamy and detailed descriptions of every little aspect of Maria's enchanted existence at Moonacre Park, including her clothes, which are always made of lovely fabrics in lovely colours, with gorgeous details.

a huge lover of horses, Maria Merryweather often has lovely riding habits laid out for her in the mornings, and it was these that I decided to focus on to create today's sunday dress up outfit :)
now i have to admit, i wasn't quite sure what a riding habit was until i googled it this morning! unfortunately i don't own anything quite so lovely as maria's clothes, but i did the best i could with my measly wardrobe, and tried to recreate a riding habit that would be suitable for both me, and Maria Merryweather :)
as you can see, i did take quite an equestrian approach!

blazer: vintage
shirt: next
dress: new look
leggings: h&m
riding boots: mummy's wardrobe
bag: vintage
hairband: claires