Sunday, 6 June 2010

stolen cardigans & summer shorts ♥

I found this cardigan at the back of my wardrobe today, and I'm pretty sure it belongs to my friend Hazz - and no, Hazz, if you're reading this, you cannot have it back :)
The weather's been beautiful this week but I've been stuck inside revising - booo! So today was my first time to exercise a summery outfit with the handy excuse of my cousin's 18th birthday dragging me away from the books.
I'm loving shorts-that-look-like-skirts at the moment, & this lovely pair was bought by my Mummy from River Island :D
I'm really really loving River Island at the moment - I never used to due to their incessant need to over-embellish everything, but these days it's a shop I get more excited about going to than even our beloved Topshop!
How have you been enjoying the sunshine?

Love, Holly ♥

shorts & sunglasses: river island
cardigan: gap
top & belt: h&m
necklace: accessorize