Thursday, 26 February 2009

a day in the life ♥

i spent the morning with two of my friends, bethany (blonde) and harriet (freckles!), as we attempted to get harriet's EMA payments sorted.
this included lots of rambling back & forth to the drama department, with plenty of gossiping and bitching on the way :D

after my first lesson, classics, i went down town to visit the lovely new chocolate shop, where i bought a little bag of milk chocolate for £3.90!
very very worth it though, it was delicious :)

i then popped into my local oxfam, who are having an 'old and interesting book sale' until the beginning of march. i didn't buy anything, but the other day i bought a beautiful copy of hans anderson's fairy tales for only £2! :)
this is exactly why i love charity shops.

afterwards, i visted my favourite little cafe at the top of town, where i drank tea, ate chocolate & read some of the little white horse :)
which, by the way, is just one of the loveliest books in the world.

unfortunately, i then had to finish a very dull ethics essay on embryo research and utilitarianism :(

then i walked back to school through the churchyard :)

now i'm off to make cupcakes!
i hope you've all had a very, very lovely day :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

new hat, and new dress! :) i felt very odd taking advantage of such beautiful sunset lighting in the forest with an outfit so city-ish, but light doesn't last forever!! anyway. so excited so be wearing knee-high socks again, i lived in them last summertime. felt weird to be wearing this much black, though :)

it's pancake day today! i don't like pancakes very much, but i celebrated today in the appropriate style all the same.
have you had your pancakes, today? :)

dress: hoi polloi
cardigan: h&m
socks: primark
shoes: new look
hat: accessorize

Monday, 23 February 2009

hello! this is my new blog. i'd been wanting a big change for a while, and so i tried to change the layout of the old one, but it all went horribly wrong & so it seemed much simpler to just create a new blog! i chose the name because i wanted something youthful and cute, and because i saw a big herd of deer on my way home today, and so it just seemed to fit, all nice and snug.

these are photos from a family walk i went on on the weekend! up skirrid mountain. it was sunshiney and there were a few families in sunglasses and boots. i didn't have the sunglasses, though. the pointy mountain in the background is the sugarloaf, which i have already conquered :)

the view from the top was beautiful, as any view from any top so often is, and the steep climb was only difficult in places. worth it, though.
these pictures below are of keepers pond, a lake halway up mount blorange - which is the only word in the english language that rhymes with orange! exciting.

shirt: vintage
t-shirt: primark
shorts & tights: new look
hat: accessorize
coat: animals
wellies: faith