Thursday, 26 February 2009

a day in the life ♥

i spent the morning with two of my friends, bethany (blonde) and harriet (freckles!), as we attempted to get harriet's EMA payments sorted.
this included lots of rambling back & forth to the drama department, with plenty of gossiping and bitching on the way :D

after my first lesson, classics, i went down town to visit the lovely new chocolate shop, where i bought a little bag of milk chocolate for £3.90!
very very worth it though, it was delicious :)

i then popped into my local oxfam, who are having an 'old and interesting book sale' until the beginning of march. i didn't buy anything, but the other day i bought a beautiful copy of hans anderson's fairy tales for only £2! :)
this is exactly why i love charity shops.

afterwards, i visted my favourite little cafe at the top of town, where i drank tea, ate chocolate & read some of the little white horse :)
which, by the way, is just one of the loveliest books in the world.

unfortunately, i then had to finish a very dull ethics essay on embryo research and utilitarianism :(

then i walked back to school through the churchyard :)

now i'm off to make cupcakes!
i hope you've all had a very, very lovely day :)


TheMinx said...

these are the most charming pictures ever- I love how cozy everything looks. Love the new blog, let's trade links again.

Britney said...

It sounds like you had a great day! :) I agree with TheMinx, the pictures seem so charming and cozy. I wish my days where like that, haha.

dani said...


I love ruby tuesdays, and the cacao tree! x

Raquel said...

it was a nice day :)
I'm adding you new blog to my blogrol!
have a nice weekend darling!

DaisyChain said...

what gorgeous pics! that chocolate shop sounds amazing,
have you ever been in a hotel chocolat?