Tuesday, 24 February 2009

new hat, and new dress! :) i felt very odd taking advantage of such beautiful sunset lighting in the forest with an outfit so city-ish, but light doesn't last forever!! anyway. so excited so be wearing knee-high socks again, i lived in them last summertime. felt weird to be wearing this much black, though :)

it's pancake day today! i don't like pancakes very much, but i celebrated today in the appropriate style all the same.
have you had your pancakes, today? :)

dress: hoi polloi
cardigan: h&m
socks: primark
shoes: new look
hat: accessorize


Daisy said...

Your outfit is so cute ! I love it, im not sure where the purse is from., but i will find out and let you know !!
I really want your dress its so pretty!

Eeli said...

Enjoying your new blog and what BE A U TIFUL pictures you take missy. I'll be sure to update my links dear.

Hope you've well :)


DaisyChain said...

Aw, what gorgeous photos!

muchlove said...

These photos are so nice. Love the details on your dress too :)

Anonymous said...

i did not have pancakes
i decided my fat rolls would grow more fat rolls if i did

Raquel said...

you look great in knee high socks!! super cute.

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Cute pics.

La Fée said...

aww I love you hat!!