Monday, 23 February 2009

hello! this is my new blog. i'd been wanting a big change for a while, and so i tried to change the layout of the old one, but it all went horribly wrong & so it seemed much simpler to just create a new blog! i chose the name because i wanted something youthful and cute, and because i saw a big herd of deer on my way home today, and so it just seemed to fit, all nice and snug.

these are photos from a family walk i went on on the weekend! up skirrid mountain. it was sunshiney and there were a few families in sunglasses and boots. i didn't have the sunglasses, though. the pointy mountain in the background is the sugarloaf, which i have already conquered :)

the view from the top was beautiful, as any view from any top so often is, and the steep climb was only difficult in places. worth it, though.
these pictures below are of keepers pond, a lake halway up mount blorange - which is the only word in the english language that rhymes with orange! exciting.

shirt: vintage
t-shirt: primark
shorts & tights: new look
hat: accessorize
coat: animals
wellies: faith

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Eeli said...

lol is that really true? Blorange being the ONLY word rhyming with orange? If so i luvs it haha.

You are adorable. I like your hat and outfit very much :D