Tuesday, 29 December 2009

why i love the holidays ♥

♥ staying in bed all morning with a cat & a book...

♥ wearing my new favourite dress just to laze around the house...

♥ pretty decorations still up...

♥ working my way through my christmas present...

♥ eating whatever i want...
(pasta & cheese - my specialty dish!)

♥ walking the dog through wintery woods...

♥ and a warm cup of tea when i get home...

what's your favourite thing about the holidays? ♥

dress: USC
cardigan & coat: topshop
tights & boots: new look
hat: accessorize
necklace: vintage

EDIT: also, i got a formspring! if anybody is even vaguely interested, do feel free to ask me anything :)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

happy christmaaass! a few days late :)
christmas this year was spent with family, which is always interesting,
but it was generally alright :)
i was a very spoilt girl! i had my laptop back in the summer as an early christmas present,
so i really wasn't expecting anything,
but ended up with perfume, underwear, chocolate (om nom nom) & some very sexy new ghd stylers,
which - as you can tell - i've been playing about with already :D

i hit the christmas sales yesterday (eep!)
but luckily it wasn't anywhere near as busy as anticipated.
i bought lots of lovely things which i'm sure you'll see soon --
i also finally caved and bought this coat,
cause although it's been all over the blogosphere lately, i just couldn't resist :)
and my boyfriend said i look like a sailor, so that's just swell.

my mum bought this dress for me -
it's not the kind of thing i'd pick for myself (far too grown up!), but i liked the ruffley collar,
and i'm certainly not one to turn down free clothes!
it's definitely growing on me, and i love the vintage feel it has when paired with white & lacey tights.

what did you all get for christmas? have you braved the sales yet?!

dress: next
tights: accessorize
necklace: santa :)

EDIT: although i still don't have a camera, mum's become a lot more flexible letting me borrow hers as of late, so hopefully normal posts will resume soon :D thank you all for being so lovely & patient!

Monday, 30 November 2009

christmas is comingggg! :D
it's without a doubt my favourite holiday -
no matter how old i get, i'll never be able to fall asleep on christmas eve :)
here's my christmas wishlist!

the funny thing is, this year, i don't really want anything!
of course, i wouldn't mind any of these lovely things,
but i think the best part of christmas is giving gifts, not getting them,
so i don't really mind what comes my way!
it's about boyfriend & baking this year ♥

what's on your christmas wishlist?

(everything above is from topshop, past times, amazon & modcloth.)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

hello, all. i'm aware that it's been a dreadfully long time since i've blogged, and rest assured, i miss it.
i've been dying to get back into blogging, but i still don't have a camera -
and it doesn't look like i'll be getting one any time soon :(
i should have one in a few months though, hopefully, and i promise i'll be back & better than ever!
i'm also going to try to make an effort to blog a little more here, too, even if it isn't outfit posts.

BUT! in the mean time, i finally caved and got myself a tumblr :D
and yes, i am already completely addicted!
so whilst i'm not blogging at least i'm tumbling, & i'd love it if we could all tumble together. aww.

alyeska.tumblr.com - it's the aluet word for alaska, which i'm absolutely obsessed with right now.

so yes! i promise to be back soon, and i swear i still read all of your blogs on a daily basis --
and i'm so sorry for not commenting - i promise i still love you!
i'll be back soon. i hope you're all loving this new cold weather as much as i am!
big jumpers, wooly tights, bright yellow duffel coats, sequinned hats, lace up shoes, BOOTS - oh, i love, love, love it.

(p.s. my livejournal is alaskaxyoung.livejournal.com for those who were interested)

Thursday, 3 September 2009


hello, faithful readers, fellow bloggers! i've not been about for a while, as you can probably tell, and this is for a number of reasons.
one! very good summer in which i have been VERY busy and done lots & lots of things! yay!
two! i'm really into dailybooth & livejournal now.
and three! this is the main reason for my lack of posts - my camera is broken D: it actually broke when i was in jamaica, so i don't know why i haven't mentioned it until now. so yes D: that's not very good at all!
(and for those wondering how i did the below video without a camera, i actually made that video forever ago, and just got round to uploading it.)

SO. YES. I don't reeeeeeally have the funds for new camera buying lately, and, much as i love you guys, i haven't really missed blogging at all. i never really thought of myself as much of a fashion blogger, and i got into this really unfortunate habit of commenting purely for the sake of getting comments, and that's horrible, and i don't like it, so i won't be doing that any more - it was a timesome, weird little hobby, so, yeah.
BUT! but, rest assured that i do still read all of your blogs, and i do still love them & it's not as if i'm turning my back on the fashion blogging world by any means -- i'm just letting things sort of, happen :)
um! but what else?

oh yeah. I really really like dailybooth, and i totally think that you should all get it cause it's great :D and hey, you can still see my lovely face! you lucky, lucky things.

also, i'm really into livejournal these days, because i've got really back into writing, which is fab, but i know that lots of people who i know in real life read this blog, and i do not want them reading my livejournal! so if you are one of my excellent internet readers & want to be all nosy & have a peek around my livejournal, just comment & i'll get back to you with the link.

but yes! dailybooth! it's the way forward :D
click click it's great click click click!

aaaand that's all for now, folks. i hope you've had an awwwwesome summer :D and i will be back soon, i promise! i just... don't know how soon :D

byeee! ♥

Saturday, 15 August 2009

gloucester, cathedral, my friend's house.
a day in the life ♥

Sunday, 9 August 2009

so as you all knowwwww, a week ago i was in jamaica!
i didn't take a bunch of outfit posts cause, y'know. jamaica.
but i had the best time :)
i swam with dolphins, which was predictably phenomenal.
all the hype that surrounds it is totally deserved, and it's well worth the money.
i also visited bob marley's house, climbed dunn's river falls, went kayaking...
went horseback riding into the sea, river tubed, visited ocho rios & the mountain cities...
just, loads of things. it was literally amazing, one of the nicest places ever.
so! yes!
though there's still many photos to be uploaded & sorted & whatnot,
these are the main ones --
and i'll upload the others as soon as i get them :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

hello everybody!
i got back from jamaica yesterday morning, & i'm still in the process of sorting out pictures and stuff.
in the mean time - have a random inspiration post!
i'm really looking forward to having a major blog-reading session,
so i'll be commenting you all back & everything soon :D
have you had a good 2 weeks? i know i have! ♥

i always find it easier to get inspiration from pictures like these rather than actual fashion pictures - what about you?
oh, & how do you feel about posts like this?
i have a huuuge inspiration folder, so god knows i could do a few more!
let me know what you think :)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Off to Jamaica :)
Have an awesome fortnight, & I will post about my adventures on my return.
Byeeee! ♥

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I suspect you all may have figured this out by now,
but I'm a pretty huge fan of Harry Potter. It's basically the reason I breathe.
So! In honour of Half Blood Prince being released at the cinema on Wednesday,
I dressed like this! Pretty much the most awesome outfit I've ever worn, I think you'll agree.
Also, these shoes make me feel like I'm 13 again, and I appreciate that wholeheartedly.
I think I'll probably make a video blog soon about what I thought about HBP & whatnot --
I made one the other day for about 20 minutes, then realised my camera wasn't recording! Argh!
Oh wellll :)
For those of you that have seen Half Blood Prince, did you like it?
And those that haven't, are you going to?
Hope you're all okay! ♥

jumper: www.alivans.com
shirt & shoes: primark
skirt: urban outfitters