Thursday, 3 September 2009


hello, faithful readers, fellow bloggers! i've not been about for a while, as you can probably tell, and this is for a number of reasons.
one! very good summer in which i have been VERY busy and done lots & lots of things! yay!
two! i'm really into dailybooth & livejournal now.
and three! this is the main reason for my lack of posts - my camera is broken D: it actually broke when i was in jamaica, so i don't know why i haven't mentioned it until now. so yes D: that's not very good at all!
(and for those wondering how i did the below video without a camera, i actually made that video forever ago, and just got round to uploading it.)

SO. YES. I don't reeeeeeally have the funds for new camera buying lately, and, much as i love you guys, i haven't really missed blogging at all. i never really thought of myself as much of a fashion blogger, and i got into this really unfortunate habit of commenting purely for the sake of getting comments, and that's horrible, and i don't like it, so i won't be doing that any more - it was a timesome, weird little hobby, so, yeah.
BUT! but, rest assured that i do still read all of your blogs, and i do still love them & it's not as if i'm turning my back on the fashion blogging world by any means -- i'm just letting things sort of, happen :)
um! but what else?

oh yeah. I really really like dailybooth, and i totally think that you should all get it cause it's great :D and hey, you can still see my lovely face! you lucky, lucky things.

also, i'm really into livejournal these days, because i've got really back into writing, which is fab, but i know that lots of people who i know in real life read this blog, and i do not want them reading my livejournal! so if you are one of my excellent internet readers & want to be all nosy & have a peek around my livejournal, just comment & i'll get back to you with the link.

but yes! dailybooth! it's the way forward :D
click click it's great click click click!

aaaand that's all for now, folks. i hope you've had an awwwwesome summer :D and i will be back soon, i promise! i just... don't know how soon :D

byeee! ♥


queen atika said...

i would like to see your lifejournal (:

queen atika said...


Raquel said...

darling I hope you'll get back here soon, I love your blog!

Afraid To Die Young said...

Hope you'll be back soon also. Love your blog. Hope your summer was great <3

Lindsey said...

I have a livejournal and i'd love to be friends! You can either comment me the link or email: tehlinz[at]

Gem said...

I'd really like to read your livejournal if possible!

delicate diaries said...


Anja said...

come back! and that header is soooso cute!

Diane said...

hello, i followed 2 of your old blogs (which i had saved the links yonks ago) and then finally came to this.lovely layout.your blog rocks!