Wednesday, 21 October 2009

hello, all. i'm aware that it's been a dreadfully long time since i've blogged, and rest assured, i miss it.
i've been dying to get back into blogging, but i still don't have a camera -
and it doesn't look like i'll be getting one any time soon :(
i should have one in a few months though, hopefully, and i promise i'll be back & better than ever!
i'm also going to try to make an effort to blog a little more here, too, even if it isn't outfit posts.

BUT! in the mean time, i finally caved and got myself a tumblr :D
and yes, i am already completely addicted!
so whilst i'm not blogging at least i'm tumbling, & i'd love it if we could all tumble together. aww. - it's the aluet word for alaska, which i'm absolutely obsessed with right now.

so yes! i promise to be back soon, and i swear i still read all of your blogs on a daily basis --
and i'm so sorry for not commenting - i promise i still love you!
i'll be back soon. i hope you're all loving this new cold weather as much as i am!
big jumpers, wooly tights, bright yellow duffel coats, sequinned hats, lace up shoes, BOOTS - oh, i love, love, love it.

(p.s. my livejournal is for those who were interested)


graciee. said...

i have missed your posts.
and wow, your tumblr is beautiful and inspiring. <3

Lindsey said...

I added you on livejournal! Mine is very active, just friends only :]

donna said...

I hope you post soon. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

Miss you!


BrownAndCookies said...

so cute these all things :)

kiss from Portugal***