Tuesday, 29 December 2009

why i love the holidays ♥

♥ staying in bed all morning with a cat & a book...

♥ wearing my new favourite dress just to laze around the house...

♥ pretty decorations still up...

♥ working my way through my christmas present...

♥ eating whatever i want...
(pasta & cheese - my specialty dish!)

♥ walking the dog through wintery woods...

♥ and a warm cup of tea when i get home...

what's your favourite thing about the holidays? ♥

dress: USC
cardigan & coat: topshop
tights & boots: new look
hat: accessorize
necklace: vintage

EDIT: also, i got a formspring! if anybody is even vaguely interested, do feel free to ask me anything :)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

happy christmaaass! a few days late :)
christmas this year was spent with family, which is always interesting,
but it was generally alright :)
i was a very spoilt girl! i had my laptop back in the summer as an early christmas present,
so i really wasn't expecting anything,
but ended up with perfume, underwear, chocolate (om nom nom) & some very sexy new ghd stylers,
which - as you can tell - i've been playing about with already :D

i hit the christmas sales yesterday (eep!)
but luckily it wasn't anywhere near as busy as anticipated.
i bought lots of lovely things which i'm sure you'll see soon --
i also finally caved and bought this coat,
cause although it's been all over the blogosphere lately, i just couldn't resist :)
and my boyfriend said i look like a sailor, so that's just swell.

my mum bought this dress for me -
it's not the kind of thing i'd pick for myself (far too grown up!), but i liked the ruffley collar,
and i'm certainly not one to turn down free clothes!
it's definitely growing on me, and i love the vintage feel it has when paired with white & lacey tights.

what did you all get for christmas? have you braved the sales yet?!

dress: next
tights: accessorize
necklace: santa :)

EDIT: although i still don't have a camera, mum's become a lot more flexible letting me borrow hers as of late, so hopefully normal posts will resume soon :D thank you all for being so lovely & patient!