Monday, 30 November 2009

christmas is comingggg! :D
it's without a doubt my favourite holiday -
no matter how old i get, i'll never be able to fall asleep on christmas eve :)
here's my christmas wishlist!

the funny thing is, this year, i don't really want anything!
of course, i wouldn't mind any of these lovely things,
but i think the best part of christmas is giving gifts, not getting them,
so i don't really mind what comes my way!
it's about boyfriend & baking this year ♥

what's on your christmas wishlist?

(everything above is from topshop, past times, amazon & modcloth.)


Amanda said...

I love christmas too!


Gem said...

I love that bag and the 'tea for two' tea cup, it's adorable!

I don't really want anything either, I found it so hard picking things for my list this year! And I agree with you, giving gifts is definitely more enjoyable than receiving them.

Here's my christmas list:

P.s. hooray for you blogging again!! :)

Raquel said...

christmas is my favorite holiday too!
in my wishlist are a pair of black round pointed brogues that i can't seem to find anywhere I look (at least not ones I adore) and a Nikon reflex cam that i wouldn't mind to have someone giving it to me too! :) as for needing is just a car for myself that I am saving up money too!

glad your writing here again!

BrownAndCookies said...

nice list ;) good luck

kiss from Portugal***


Amanda said...

thank for your comment :)