Thursday, 16 July 2009

I suspect you all may have figured this out by now,
but I'm a pretty huge fan of Harry Potter. It's basically the reason I breathe.
So! In honour of Half Blood Prince being released at the cinema on Wednesday,
I dressed like this! Pretty much the most awesome outfit I've ever worn, I think you'll agree.
Also, these shoes make me feel like I'm 13 again, and I appreciate that wholeheartedly.
I think I'll probably make a video blog soon about what I thought about HBP & whatnot --
I made one the other day for about 20 minutes, then realised my camera wasn't recording! Argh!
Oh wellll :)
For those of you that have seen Half Blood Prince, did you like it?
And those that haven't, are you going to?
Hope you're all okay! ♥

shirt & shoes: primark
skirt: urban outfitters


muchlove said...

I'm going to see Harry Potter in 3D tomorrow!! Can't wait!

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, you look so cute! I dressed up as well haha. I don't see how ppl don't love Harry Potter =[

GracieFrances; said...

i took the day off school with my friend to go and see it at 11:45 on the Wednesday.
i love it so bloody much, it was awesome.
funny, sad and witty.
how nice :D


Faridah said...

Cute sneakers and outfit. I loved the Harry Potter movie, it was so well done. But like with all the movies I do get a little bit disappointed just because they will never live up to the magic those books hold. xx

Gem said...

Love the outfit, especially the jumper! Ooooh I adore video blogs! Please do one :)

I want to go and see Harry Potter, will have to wait until after the 30th when I get paid though. Bet it was awesome!

Veronica said...

You see GracieFrances' comment? I was the friend. Loved it.

We saw it in costume :)

queen atika said...

awh your outfit is cute! im a fan of HP too! i only read up to the 4the book though

aaah i want to watch harry potter! :'( gonna watch it today but coudnt. arrgh

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

What a brilliant outfit! I really want your jumper!
Can't wait to see harry potter :)

Primrose said...

ooh that jumper is hot!
I loved the film but my bum did actually go numb! When PD died at the end we all stood up & raised our wands 'cause we brung them with us :L