Sunday, 5 July 2009

i've had this little tub of bubbles hanging about in my room for over a year
& i decided a few days ago that i might as well use them up! :)
it is really difficult to photograph bubbles though, my god.
& i only had half an hour to take these!
oh well, hope you like.
this is my new playsuit :)
it was £40 from topshop - £40 that i cannot afford to spend, really!
but i absolutely love it, & it's perfect for summer.
speaking of summer, the weather here has finally stopped being insanely hot! yay!
i'm going out for dinner tonight with my friends which should be lots of fun
& i'm going to wear my new red shoes!
i'll take lots of pictures, for sure.
what have you been up to this weekend? ♥


GracieFrances; said...

ooh, i love it!
i think i saw that on topshop, i wanted it.
looks lovely.

mice said...

cute photos! :)

Kate said...

lovely playsuit and photos, as always (:

Veronica said...


Lucky!!! That is the playsuit I've been saving up for on topshop. I'm so jealous.

DaisyChain said...

playsuits and bubbles, so perfect!

erin meagan said...

i love bubbles, and it is SO hard to photograph them! i have a few mini tubs of them in my bedroom, and i want to use them soon! that playsuit is ADORABLE and i love the print!

Veronica said...

Thanks for the comment.
It's out of stock and might not come back D:


Suzanne said...

such a lovely dress!

muchlove said...

bubbles are fun! You look adorable. These are great pictures too.

BrownAndCookies said...

so lovelly and cute your pictures :)
love your dress

kiss from Portugal****


Megan said...

These photographs are so lovely. There's something wonderfully child like about blowing bubbles.
And your dress is very pretty. I wish it was summer again...