Sunday, 1 March 2009

dress up sunday ♥

today is a sunday, and sundays are days designed for playing dress up! today was the turn of maria merryweather, the 13 year old protagonist from one of my favourite novels, The Little White Horse.
one of the reasons The Little White Horse is such a delight to read is Elizabeth Goudge's dreamy and detailed descriptions of every little aspect of Maria's enchanted existence at Moonacre Park, including her clothes, which are always made of lovely fabrics in lovely colours, with gorgeous details.

a huge lover of horses, Maria Merryweather often has lovely riding habits laid out for her in the mornings, and it was these that I decided to focus on to create today's sunday dress up outfit :)
now i have to admit, i wasn't quite sure what a riding habit was until i googled it this morning! unfortunately i don't own anything quite so lovely as maria's clothes, but i did the best i could with my measly wardrobe, and tried to recreate a riding habit that would be suitable for both me, and Maria Merryweather :)
as you can see, i did take quite an equestrian approach!

blazer: vintage
shirt: next
dress: new look
leggings: h&m
riding boots: mummy's wardrobe
bag: vintage
hairband: claires


Raquel said...

what a lovely photostory! :) the horses are so cute with the capes hehe. and I love your polkadot skirt!
thank you for you compliment. I would make more and sell them, but I don't have the materials nor the time! but be sure if I find a nice key again I'll make one for you, and send it!
hope you are having a lovely sunday xx

Lindsey said...

I like your blog, I linked you :] And I love those boots!

Lindsey said...

Hey! All those dresses were from Urban Outfitters, btw.

lisa said...

What lovely photos! This post was such a visual treat.

muchlove said...

Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Your outfit is so adorable.

muchlove said...

ps. thanks for adding my link! I've added yours too. Your blog is so lovely.

DaisyChain said...

you look gorgeous,
I adore the horses <3
I can't wait to start riding again in the Spring/Summer =)