Thursday, 5 March 2009

today, i didn't go to school! heehee! instead, i decided to indulge in the far more important & neccessary habit of shopping. me & my mum went to cribbscauseway, and since that's inside i decided i didn't need to dress up warm & could instead take my new dress out for a walk! it's totally lovely and cute, and with the childish ankle socks i felt about five years old. i was going to add a penguin backpack, but thought that would probably be too much :D

below is what i bought! the bag is for school, & it was from topshop. the cardigan was frommmm Bank? i'm not sure, some chavvy shop, but it was too cute to resist, and the top is Tommy Hilfiger, in order to satisfy my inner prep. i'm not sure if you can see, but i also bought some white gold earrings, and a cute little fluffy bunny pen. oh, and, yeah, the box, which doesn't go with my room at all but i totally love.

dress & shoes: topshop
cardigan: h&m

socks: marks & spencers
necklace: claires


Vi said...

All of your purchases are so adorable and your outfit is too! I'm liking this new blog (:

TheMinx said...

Adorable! I wanted that dress so badly, but I think it looks better on you than it would on me :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
Cool new blog!
You forgot to add me in this one!
I'm gonna add you (this new blog) on my list right now!
Shall I keep the other one in my list too?

muchlove said...

Very cute! I love your shoes and socks, and that box looks so pretty too.

DaisyChain said...

Gorgeous buys, you are sooo pretty.
I nearly bought that bag yesterday, I might see if I can get someone to take me to Cribbs this weekend, I haven't been since New Year.

muchlove said...

Thank you! Your comment made my day :D

Lindsey said...

BEAUTIFUL dress! I'm jealous <3

muchlove said...

I gave you an award on my blog :)

Raquel said...

oh the box is so cute, my aunt make some like it. and also I want your shoes! they look so ballet like! :)

Maria said...

Your socks are lovely. *