Monday, 23 March 2009

sorrysorry for my absence! i am awful, i know D:
but as you may or not know, i've redecorated my room! i got very impatient waiting for my curtains to arrive so i could photograph my room, so i just took some pictures without them :) so you'll need to imagine that there are lovely pink curtains rather than horrid brown blinds by the window, & then you'll have a better idea of what it actually looks like :)

why yes, that is four copies of 'a picture of dorian gray'. all entirely neccessary :D
anyway! hope that insanely image-heavy post makes up for a severe lack of posts as of late :( hope you're all okay!
if you'd like to know where anything's from, just let me know :) ♥


A little Princess said...

Oh gosh I adore your trunk and pile of books. They're stunning! Thank you for your comment too, at the moment I'm bunny sitting, they're house rabbits but at the moment we're shh... moveing house, so they're in the big uber shed. They act like they've had to downsize, divas. Have a great week, your post is lovely! xoxo

Raquel said...

oh my! dear I love it! it's so girly! I really love everything about it!
hope you're doing well!

Alice said...

oh! what a lovely bedrom, I love it, the like the way you have put your books

donna said...

And you also have two copies of The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas. I'm redecorating my room too but I'm halfway done. =)

I love your book collection. Books make me drool.


Veronica Rhiannon said...

nice post, i adore your room, your books are wooden trunk is gorgeous. I'm dying to decorate my room, but I;m in a rented house so I'm not allowed to change anything *grumbles*

Thanks for your comment, my friend Gracie and I are doing a project on alice in wonderland right now. My cousin went to this old school in Europe where they believe Alice in Wonderland was written (there are characters similar to the Alice ones carved into the wooden mantelpiece). They say the rabbit hole is though to be a reference to a secret door in the school. I've got so many useless facts clogging up my brain!

Bye. x

Couture Carrie said...

Love your book collection and the look of the new blog!


FashionSqueah! said...

I love the perfume bottles and all your sweet little nick-nacks, the net over your bed is sweet too, I wonder if mine is still at my Mum's...Oh and that's a nice collection of books you have, my brother always steals mine! Char x

SarahStLeger said...

There is no decoration like a sincere book collection. You room looks like a little haven. A lovely, beautiful haven for the smart girl <3

muchlove said...

Ooooh, you have such a beautiful room! I adore all the floral details and the stacks of beautiful books. I wish my room was as pretty as this.


Lindsey said...

What a cute and dainty room! I love the pink carpet :D

TheMinx said...

oh I loveee how you have 4 copies of Dorian Gray! I agree, it's completely necessary :) Your room is so adorable, I like the way you've displayed all of your books.