Monday, 8 June 2009

now this isn't the sort of thing i usually post on my blog, preferring instead to stick to happier subjects.
i'm not sure if you're aware, international readers, but there was a recent European Election in the United Kingdom.
The BNP won 2 seats, and gained large percentages in council elections - 10% in Yorkshire, 8% in the North West.
If you don't know who the BNP are, I suggest you check out this fantastic video for more information.
to summarise, the BNP are a descendant of the vehemently racist late 70s 'national front'.
its leader is nick griffin, a holocaust denier, who several years ago attended a KKK meet in america.
the BNP has a multitude of homophobic, anti-semetic, anti-islamic members in its ranks.
for all their shiny suits and school boy vocab, make no mistake, the BNP is a racist party
having admitted that the eventual aim of the BNP is the forcible removal of all people of colour from the United Kingdom.
....i don't even really know what to say to that.
the idea that the BNP were even CONSIDERED from the European Elections is utterly absurd.

however, i'm entirely pro-democracy and would not want the BNP to stand down by any means --
freedom of speech and what have you --
but i mean, REALLY, britain?! come on.
one of the saddest things is that the BNP were able to gain the majority because so few people voted.
now i'm 16 & won't be 17 til june, which unfortunately means that i won't be able to vote in next year's election - thus, i won't be able to vote until i'm about 23.
the right to vote is an INCREDIBLY important thing,
and you should count yourself so phenomenally lucky to have it
thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people throughout history have died for your right to vote, your right to complain, your right to choose the future of the country you live in
& in not voting not only do you leave room for fascist party majorities, but you completely undervalue that.
now there's every chance that a british general election will be called in the near future
and i am begging you. if you can vote, vote. even if it's a vote for the BNP! just VOTE. your voice is more important than ever, and don't underestimate it's importance.

& please, don't be taken in by the sickening lies of the BNP.
they are racist. they are xenophobic. they are discriminatory. they are homophobic.
they do not represent me and i hope, at least, that they do not represent you.

for more information you can check out a range of places such as or RE:Brand's 'Naziboy' documentary, which you can find on youtube.


SCISI said...

so sad. so very sad:(

DaisyChain said...

I almost cried when they showed the results. Ugh.

Kate said...

Thanks for such a great post (: I agree with you entirely (:

Lindsey said...

I think you should post more often about things like this, even if you do have a fashion blog. It's nice to hear personal opinions!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

This is such a shame :( - and pretty embarassing.