Saturday, 16 May 2009

how to revise ♥

so as you all know, seeing as it's all i ever post about, i have exams really soon! in precisely 3 days, actually! so of course i am doing the most sensible thing possible in a situation like this -- blogging. :D

make sure you have a clean & tidy revision space to work in - and work where you feel is best. for me it's my bedroom floor :D but see what works for you! my advice is to make sure it's somewhere near a window, for some kind of natural light, in a place that's relatively quiet. :)

i like revising with the radio on! i can't listen to music or be watching TV/film or anything when i'm revising, but things like podcasts/radio can be great for background noise (so you don't go insane!).

my favourite bit! revision foooood :D this acts as a great incentive to work! plus it's helpful to pick away at bits & pieces when you're trawling through notes as it prevents you from getting bored, AND (science!!) chewing stimulates your brain so you can work more efficiently, for longer :D

make a colour-coded revision checklist, so you can fill in what you've done, and what you've left to do. i've also got the dates of my exams on mine, which 1) makes sure i don't forget, and 2) means that i know what needs doing first!

buy nice stationary! having pretty things around you makes you feel better about yourself & your work, and nice colour coded things makes sure that you don't get lazy and sloppy - which are bad things to be when revising!

make sure that all your notes for your subjects/modules/whatevers, are clearly divided up. again, mine are colour coded :D make sure they are kept labelled, organised, and stored somewhere SAFE.

reading essays is great! particularly for subjects like english literature or history or whatever, where scholarly interpretations are important to include in exams. plus you can steal lines, heehee! :D

and stick little stars by the lines that are most important :)

and finally, do some practice exam questions! time yourself to ensure that you have a good grip on what you're gonna have to do in the time allocated -- which is always horribly harsh. also, if you're like me and you write crazy fast in exams, make sure that you take time to sloooooowww down, so that your handwriting is actually legible! :D

and there you go! i hope that was of some use to a few of you :)
now, if only i could stick to my own advice... ♥


Alyssa said...

Wow, you are a pro! So organized and pretty! I'm gonna look back on this post come Fall. Good luck on exams, I'm sure you will ace them all! :)

Raquel said...

nice tips darling!
thanks so much for your comment, and wish you the best luck for your exams!

GracieFrances; said...

little miss organized. ^-^

you have loverly hand writing. <3
good luck on the exams.

muchlove said...

you are so well organized! I love your revision food, hehe ;)

mice said...

It looks so harmonical! (:
Good luck in the exams from me too! ^^

BrownAndCookies said...

your bedroom is lovely... good luck for your exams :)

kiss from Portugal********


DaisyChain said...

Good luck with your revision and exams! I was never anywhere as near organised as you are!

Lindsey said...

Oh I want that drawer full of food so bad haha! Did you pass your exams?

curiositist said...
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curiositist said...

have a good exam resalt

Fannah said...

i'll keep all of this in mind for three years! it'll come in handy :)

call me glitter, little deer said...

oh wauw! !!! !!!! !! ! !!

Kate said...

Thanks for all the tips, if only my revision notes were so pretty! Your handwriting is gorgeous (:

PS. Good luck!

Raquel said...

ohh darling thanks so much! love the sunnies and the little bow!
hope your exams are going well!
have a lovely weekend!

bywolves said...

I always mange to get that organized and then for some reason I fall back into old habits and have to restart again!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Some great advice here! Adding colour to my revision notes definitely makes revising a lot less painful!

queen atika said...

wow very organised!

kath. said...

i feel like you and i do the same things (at least when it comes to blogging during finals and studying basically the same way.) by the way, if i'm not mistaken you are from the other half of the planet. how is it possible for ppl to be so much alike? isn't God amazing?!! :)