Tuesday, 12 May 2009

this morning, before cracking down to some revision, i took my dog for a walk :) it was so lovely in the early morning light, & although i missed the main part of the fleeting bluebell season, there were still plenty around to take lots of photos in!
you should also know that it was freeeezing cold! but i braved it for you guys. aren't you lucky? :D

cardigan: ban
dress & tights: topshop

p.s, there's a couple extra photos on my flickr! check it out! :)


Lindsey said...

Lovely photos! I think the first one is the best ^^ I followed you on twitter btw.

BrownAndCookies said...

your pictures are so great... love the nature :)

kiss from Portugal********


DaisyChain said...

Lovely photos, we have a woods near us actually, but it's in no way beautiful, just full of rubbish and drunken teens :(

muchlove said...

these are such gorgeous photos! I wish I lived near the woods.

GracieFrances; said...

that is gorgeous.
that place looks beautiful.

mice said...

Beaufitul photos! (:


patricia said...

oh wow- you go to take your dog for a walk and this is what you get to see? you are so very lucky.


Veronica said...

Photos are soooo cute!


Me in Wonderland said...

so GREEN!The violet flowers look so pretty!

By the way- I tagged you!

Kate said...

I love these photos, the last one is beautiful (:

and thanks for commenting, I actually went to T4 last year but I was sick so it really wasn't that great! Maybe I'll do a similar post soon, thanks x