Sunday, 10 May 2009

back to revision for me, you guys!
i've done nothing but read & revise seamus heaney literary critique today (fun times), and i'm so so so busy that i'm not going to have a chance to reply to your lovely comments. but honestly, i am so so so grateful, and so so so lucky. you're all lovely, & i'll do it ASAP!

unfortunately, business means no new blog posts for a while (I expect), unless i end up doing a 'how to revise' one, which I might.

in the mean time... vlog! yaaay!

p.s. i have twitter! follow me! :)


Raquel said...

I adore your cardigan darling, and good luck revising!

DaisyChain said...

Your revision pile looks like my college pile! Best of luck x

Kate said...

cute post (: good luck revising!

Lindsey said...

I added you to my twitter ^^ Uggh you made me want chips and dip now :O:O