Thursday, 28 May 2009

hello :D
today was spent with My Boyfriend the Excellent, doing lots & lots of revising, obviously (erm..)
we also went for a walk in the woods, which was very nice :) the weather's wasn't warm or cold, but it was just about right.
i hope it warms up again soon though -- i'm trying to get used to hot weather before i go on holiday to jamaica!
eeee :D i'm very excited. it's all booked!

since i last did a proper sort of photos post, i've had two exams,
english literature & classical civilisations!
english went okay (i think - i hope!), but classics was by faaaar the most difficult exam i've ever done.
i'd rather do another maths exam than do that one again!
& i really, really hate maths.
still, history & philosophy to look forward to now! hurrah!
what've you all been up to? :) ♥

jumper: h&m
shorts: peacocks, i think?
tights: new look
necklace: accessorize


curiositist said...

Oh, hey! Your comment made me smile because I'm preparing for tomorrow exam..and that was just nice!

Love all your photos (and striped outfit), they are well done! How are your exams?

dani said...

which questions did you do for classics? :)

oh, and i love your jumper and necklace! but this is no surprise, all your clothes are lovely :) xx

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your necklace
and blog title/header..

ahhh-dorable! :)


Sadie's Wardrobe said...

That's such a sweet necklace! Good luck with the rest of your exams!

& I'm with you on the maths thing. Unfortunately, I chose it as one of my AS subjects. That was a big mistake.

bywolves said...

awhe thank-you, you're so sweet & super pretty. <3 i'm just getting it started up so i don't have much to write yet, but i hope it turns out to be great. by the way i'm jealous you get to go to jamaica! wish i was.

zoe. said...

cute necklace!

GracieFrances; said...

i love that outfit. x

Lindsey said...

Ah that's a cute outfit! And what an adorable nickname for your boyfriend haha.

Amanda said...

I love your vlog!!
I´m going to follow it!

mice said...

Really cute outfit! (: It fit to you so great!

Parapluie said...

Great blog and I like your outfit!

La Fée said...

your outfit is just lovely!! and I was going to buy that necklace but I honestly can't remember why I didn't!

Elena said...

Beautiful outfit! so cute!

TheMinx said...

I love your little necklace, it's sooo beautiful. And the photos from the previous post are WOW.

Hope you've been well!

SCISI said...

cute necklace:)