Monday, 8 February 2010

This dress, known by my boyfriend as my 'carousel dress', is my absolute favourite - I can't believe I've never shown it to you guys before!
It's made by a brand called Yumi, an inexpensive brand that makes the sweetest little dresses - so they're perfect for me! You can find them at USC in the UK, or Forever21 in the States.
To be honest, any dress I find that has bunnies, ducks, ponies & bears on it pretty much has my entire heart, immediately - and combined with it's gorgeous indigo colour, silky shimmery fabric and a floaty, whimsical shape that's somewhere between a school uniform and a classy-but-casual evening dress, I completely fell in love. It hangs on the front of my wardrobe (so you may have seen it from bedroom photos!) and I love it just as much as now as I did months and months ago, when I first bought it :)

Anyway - I'm so so sorry for my absence! I've been a bad blogger and will burn in internet hell, I know. It was my boyfriend's birthday not too long ago so I've been spending alot of time with him, English coursework is due in very very soon and - my usual excuse! - I haven't had access to a camera. I'm sorry :(
I promise to make it up to you! I've done a LOT of shopping as of late, and as such have all sorts of little treasures to show off, such as 2 new dresses, a new jumper, and - my very very favourite thing - my terribly beautiful & terribly exciting new coat.
I hope you've all been well! What have you got up to lately? And what's made you smile today?

Here's a picture of some pink cupcakes to make up for it :D
Love, Holly ♥



I love the dress, it's so cute. I love Yumi aswel they do such nice dresses.
Claudia xxx

Anonymous said...

oh those cakes look ever so yummy and i adore your dress ever so much, i will have to go and have a look in usc sometime soon <3

Megan said...

Oh What a lovely dress - it's very pretty.
The cakes look so yummy too with cute pink frosting.
Oh I just found your blog and it's so lovely x

Anonymous said...


great cupcakes. jealous!!

Adela said...

that is such a lovely dress! i really like the cucpakes as well! =)

katherine said...

that dress is adorable. it reminds me of a dark blue one with hearts i had in high school that i loved. i'm envious of this dress.
those cupcakes look amazingly good.

Lindsey said...

Oh shoot, I wanted that dress so bad!! It looks great on you, I never thought of pairing it with white tights, but I love it.

donna said...

Is that carousel dress made of silk? It looks really pretty, I have to agree. =)

And the cupcakes look delicious!

What made me smile today? Hmmm...I think my boyfriend acting silly and the new episode of Big Bang Theory. Hahahaha!

The Owl Diary said...

that dress is so adorable. i've missed your blog posts, but we all get too busy to blog sometimes. =] the cupcakes look delicious! have a wonderful week! xx

Gem said...

That dress is lovely, no wonder you like it so much! I love that you're wearing white tights with it too! :)

I can't wait to see your new things and those cakes look yummy! :)

M. said...

I have that dress too it's my favorite, the print is adorable!

lovelove, M.