Friday, 12 February 2010

Hello beautiful!
I have a week off school now, so until Wednesday I'm going to be internet-free Devon, with my boyfriend, who I am currently waiting for to pick me up from the train station :)
I meant to blog before I left but ended up catching a much earlier train, so had to panic & do lots of rushing around this morning.
As soon as I come back though, expect lots of exciting new posts - including me selling some of my stuff!
Have a wonderful weekend, let me know what exciting things you get up to.

Love, Holly ♥


Gem said...

Awww, you're going to have a fantastic time! I can't wait to hear about your adventures and see pictures when you get back!

I'm going away this weekend with my boyfriend too :)

Gracie. said...

Have a lovely time, but you must post when you get back, I can't wait to see the lovely pictures and what you did. xx

katherine said...

have fun!
internet free is always a good thing - just a nice break.
i love the hat you are wearing - red hats are the best

donna said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day! ;)

Brown and Cappuccino said...

You are so lovelly... I really like your blog :)

by the way, I made some modifications in my blog and I change the adress, now is, don´t forget to note my new adress and visit my new page :)

Kiss from Portugal***

Fleur said...

doing nice things with your boyfriend really IS nice, isn't it?
I do like it :)
Your way of thinking is magical, my dear :)
xx Fleur

The Owl Diary said...

i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day! xx

Raquel said...

have a great time!
love your beret!