Wednesday, 10 February 2010

polyvore! ♥

Jumping on the bandwagon about a billion years too late, I finally caved & got myself a polyvore.
For those of you who aren't aware, though I don't expect there are many of you, polyvore is basically an uncomplicated website with a billion different articles of clothing that allows you to make your own little outfits & show them off to other polyvore users. As my friend Harriet asked, "what's the point?". Well, as with most good things, there isn't one - but yay for pretty things and procrastination! :D
Most people who use polyvore are far more talented & creative than I am, and so if you do happen to visit you'll find tonnes of beautiful inspiration 'mood boards', but I spend too much time fawning over the clothes themselves.
I've been thinking lately how I have pretty much a standard uniform - white tights, ballet flats, a button-up cardigan and some sort of cutesy little dress, generally in grey or some kind of muted pastel colour. Although I obviously wear lots of other things too, this is the basic uniform I revert to on those awful days when nothing in your wardrobe seems to work.
Do you have a basic, standard uniform? Do you think this is because you simply don't have the funds to wear a different outfit today - or do you think that, with all the money in the world, you'd still dress how you do today?
These are a few of the looks I came up with, if I had all the money in the world :)

You can find a link to my polyvore at the top left of this page :)
Love, Holly ♥


katherine said...

i've always liked the idea of polyvore, and i think i may have one, but i've never really caught on to using it.

i like what you put together here.

Anonymous said...

all your sets are adorable! :) my favorite is the first one.

Lindsey said...

Oh wow, that first dress is just beautiful!

Gracie. said...

these sets are so lovely! xx

Megan said...

I love Polyvore for images and inspiriation - but I don't think I'd get an account. I'm not too brilliant with fashion sense - I'm all over the place.
These are adorable. I LOVE the first two sets in particular x


I Love the clothes and the Juicy Couture bag.
Claudia xxx

The Owl Diary said...

okay, these are all absolutely adorable. and i'm in love with the shoes in the third. i've never had a talent with polyvore, and i don't even remember my login information. but i love it all the same.

as for a uniform, it is jeans. always. and a basic top. i think money is a bit of the problem. i'd definitely experiment more with cute shoes, accessories, tops and the like. but i can't live without my jeans. although i'd buy way cuter ones if i had more money. anyway, have a wonderful weekend! xx

reckless daughter said...

polyvore is addicting! these are great collages.

kath. said...

okay, thank you-thank you! i've just discovered polyvore because of your post, and it has come in a very good time. i just lost a dear friend, and my mind has been really busy with memories and sadness. so it really comes in handy (of course, prayer is a better thing to do) to have a place to develop ones creativity and distract ones mind. here's my blog and you'll find my polyvore thingy to the right. thanx again.

Victoria said...

Everything is put together so well. Lovely. xx

a. said...

you did some beautiful sets. how i would love to wear the first and the last one. they are both such so wonderful. the glitterin cardigan and the dresses, the white fluffy cape thing and the rose shoes.

Kim Bishop said...

All these sets are divine!