Friday, 19 February 2010

fancy dress! ♥

I own a ridiculous amount of animal ears, and so whenever an opportunity arises to wear them without looking completely insane, I grab it :)
Last night, my friend Georgia had her 18th birthday party. The theme was film & tv, so, naturally, I utilised the adorable white cat ears that I bought from H&M (yes, the childrens section) a few months ago, and went as Marie from the Aristocats!
It wasn't the most imaginative of costumes - admittedly, I pretty much dress like this anyway - but, oh well.
My friend Hazz dressed up as one of the Brokeback Mountain boys, Hannah in the long white dress was Belle from Beauty & The Beast, and Susannah - obviously - was Minnie Mouse. My friend Megan, not pictured here, dressed as Holly Golightly and looked amazing - I so wish I'd thought of that first!
But my favourite costumes of the night were probably the girls dressed as the 118 men, that you can see above. Amazing :D

I've had a restful day recovering, and am planning to spend the weekend being just as lazy! What about you? What are are your plans for the weekend?

Love, Holly ♥

top, skirt & ears: H&M
cardigan: USC
tights: topshop
shoes: sugar


Gracie. said...

Looks like so much fun! xx

kath. said...
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donna said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I like your ears! They're perfect with your pink cardigan. And I'm also loving your friend's mustache!


kath. said...

i remember girls at boarding school used to wear those things (some had cat-ears as well)it looks so much fun but i've never dare to wear those, it makes me kinda sad i missed out, specially cause now i'm too old for cat ears. lol.

Saskatoon said...
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Saskatoon said...

Absolutely ♥ the ears, I have some myself ('proper' Marie ones, from Disneyland, how tragic!) and wear them all the time regardless of whether it's appropriate!

Also ♥ the blog and I have your coat (the sailor one) X x x

Raquel said...

oh what a fun party! happy birthday to your friend! and what a lovely masquerade you were :)

Lindsey said...

Aww such a cute kitty haha! Those shades of pink really look good on you!

katherine said...

that is adorable.
i own a hoodie with ears and a panda face that i wear ... decently often... and i'm over 20 ^_^ wear ears when you can, why not?