Sunday, 3 January 2010

today me & my family went on a long & snowy walk over some of the valleys and mountains of south wales, which i'm fortunate enough to live near. and when i say snowy, i mean very snowy - it was right up to my knees! we had a race down a hill that was coated with snow and i was the only one left standing :) winner!

i'm loving your response to my formspring by the way - i wasn't really expecting anybody to have any interest in me at all! if you do have anything to ask please feel free, no matter how personal/random/general/specific/whatever - i'm perfectly content to talk about myself as much as you want :D
the link is at the top left of this page.

it's back to school for me tomorrow, so i'm soaking up the final remainders of christmas spirit by listening to fairytale of new york by the pogues, my very very favourite christmas song. what's yours? ♥


Amanda said...

I love your photos..

They are really..beutiful

The Owl Diary said...

adorable photos- i want to play in the snow!
i'll hopefully be taking a three hour drive this weekend to see my cousin in the mountains & can play in the snow then. *cross finger*
thank you for your sweet comment btw.
& the best of luck going back to school!

meraldia said...

I love the fact it snows, especially now in Christmas! In my hometown it never snows :(

Lindsey said...

The dreamy quality of the photos is so nice! It makes me want some snow and I hate cold weather lol!

Sophie said...

I love your coat! The snow looks beautiful, and cold :)

Anonymous said...

love the coat :)

looby xx

Raquel said...

uh I'm so jealous of all that snow!
and your coat is so lovely and suits you so well!