Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Helloooo :) Happy Tuesday!
I came home early today after only two lessons. As I was walking to the bus stop I accidentally happened to wander in to New Look (something I 'accidentally' do quite often), and fell completely in love with this dress.
I also fell in love with the price tag - £10! Unusual for New Look. Is it me, or are they getting really expensive lately? I think I preferred it when we were in the recession, not coming out of it!
I always get really slack with outfit posts during the winter months because I like to make my pictures out in the woods - but when it's below freezing outside, the woods aren't quite so tempting any more. One of the benefits of moving my furniture around is that I now have lots more space in my bedroom to take outfit posts, so hopefully you'll see more of them in future.
These shoes are my new favourites -- they're authentic ballet shoes with a sole stitched on to the bottom so that I can wear them outside. Predictably they're not the most practical of shoes and I imagine I'll be getting through a few pairs (and at £16 a pair it won't be the cheapest of habits..), but I love them so much. They're impossibly sweet, and really make me wish I was still doing ballet.
Speaking of which, I think I'll be going to see the Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake in Bristol sometime soon :) Exciting!

Today I also did something that I've been meaning to do for a long time but, for various reasons, haven't been able too.
I vlogged!
Please watch, and please let me know what you think :)

dress: new look
tights: accessorize
cardigan & shoes: topshop

EDIT: youtube's being horribly glitchy lately - so if it doesn't start, just check back later and hopefully it'll have sorted itself out :) follow this link if it doesn't work ♥


Anonymous said...

oh, thankyou so much dear for your lovely words, your blog is so beautiful i shall definatley be following. also, i love your new dress it is so pretty, i think i will have to get myself down to new look soon! much love, from suzannah ♥

Patricia Snook said...

This outfit of yours is so pretty! You've got fab style* I love your snow images too! I've loved having the snow around. Have a fab week xoxo

Primrose said...

Ahh such a pretty girl, such a pretty outfit :)
I'm loving the shoes!


Aimée, said...

thank you so much for your advice! great idea thank you, again :)

Kate said...

I love the shoes and dress-will definitely be searching for it this weekend!

Jenna said...

Oh I loved your vlog! I enjoyed the "Because when am I not reading Harry Potter?" Cuz, like, really, yeah.

AND ALSO. Glee is just so MMMMM and people need to give this one a shot cuz it BLOWS YOUR MIND.

Anyways, love the dress, hun, the second picture is so pretty =]

The Owl Diary said...

i just absolutely loved your vlog. first, i wish i had a british accent. sorry if that sounds odd. and you remind me so much of my friend jessica. and a bit of my friend gwen for the simple fact she's obsessed with doctor who.

& it sounds like you had a lovely summer- i traveled as well- to dublin, paris & london (which was my absolute favorite). & i've been hearing how cold it is in england! i'm quite jealous.

and i love, love glee. Finn is my absolute favorite & i'm thrilled they are filming another season.

glad all is wonderful with you! & your dress and shoes are lovely!

Raquel said...

oh I love those flats, and really enjoyed watching your vlog! you're really funny talking 8in a good way of course!) and I love your english accent!

Lindsey said...

Oh I love the print on that dress, it looks fantastic on you! Esp with the tights :]

The Owl Diary said...

just wanted to let you know i've left something for you on my blog dear. hope all is well!