Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hi! Sorry for my sudden absence -- it's been snowing like crazy here in Blighty, and so Thursday morning when I saw that it WASN'T snowing, I seized the opportunity and got the first train I could to Exeter, to see my boyfriend. I took the above picture on the train home :)

I'll be back soon, but if you want to see what I've been doing this morning you can take a look at the entry I posted this morning on the 'ourbedrooms' community of livejournal, here


Kate said...

I love your coat so much (: And my boyfriend lives in Exeter too, haha!

BrownAndCookies said...

Hello :) today it´s snowing in Portugal too :) so cute

kiss from Portugal and have a nice week****


The Owl Diary said...

your livejournal post was lovely! i absolutely adore your room- such cute things.

& as for a suggestion for your empty wall what i do in those cases is put up a magnet board where i hang magazine clippings & stuff of that nature.

i took a sheet of metal that i purchased at a hardware store & put it in a large frame & it has become my magnet board. you could always do something like that.

Lindsey said...

aw cute jacket, you look adorable :]

Megan said...

Oh that coat is adorable! Oh I love it it's so cute.
And your hat. You're very pretty you know x