Sunday, 17 January 2010

my favourite shoes ♥

I've always had a penchant for anything girly, ridiculous, slightly tacky, and pink. These shoes tick all of those boxes :)
I found them in New Look for only £5, the last pair left and they fit perfectly - fate!
I wore them to dinner & dance (basically, prom) with a bright pink dress that I'm sure will make it onto this blog soon enough, and felt like Malibu Barbie! Elle Woods would've been proud :D
I'm aware that to many people they might seem completely ridiculous & tacky, but I've never had much of an aversion to the ridiculous!
I love the colour, I love the height, I love the shape, I love the saccharine bows - I love them!
They're the sort of shoes that you put on and go, 'Oh! Hello legs!'
What are your favourite shoes? ♥

top: topshop
skirt: primark (i know it looks polka dot, but they're actually little hearts!)
necklace: vintage
tights & shoes: new look


Raquel said...

ohh the shoes are so cute! except for the colour (I don't really like pink) but anyway they look lovely in your feet :)

The Owl Diary said...

omigoodness. i love, love, love these shoes. i adore all things pink & girly. and would absolutely love a pair. too, too cute. xx

BrownAndCookies said...

amazing shoes, I love them

kiss from Portugal***


Lindsey said...

That outfit looks perfect! And yeah, it does remind of barbie, in a good way!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shoes. they're not tacky at all! i believe shoes are definitely are area to go "out there" on. these are a great find!

donna said...

Yeah, I have to admit. Tacky is sometimes delightful. Especially if their pink! Hello legs, indeed! Hahaha.


donna said...
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Anonymous said...

i think their adorable! not my type of thing maybe, but brilliant, nonetheless. :)

Victoria said...

I think they're a fab find! I love them. They're not tooo tacky.

I'm going to subscribe to you :)