Thursday, 18 March 2010

cupcakes! ♥

Yesterday my friend Hannah's 18th birthday, but being the poor little student I am I couldn't afford to get her anything much until payday (next Friday! yay) - so, until then, I thought I might make her some cakes!
(Cause who doesn't love cakes, right?)
Anyway, this recipe works time & time again for me, so I'm sharing it with you loveliest now. Aren't I sweet? ;)

♥ Pre-heat the oven to 180°C (355°F).

♥ You will need...
- 100g (3 and a half ounces) of self-raising flour.
- 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
- 100g (3 and a half ounces) of butter.
- 100g (3 and a half ounces) of caster sugar.
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten.
- Drop of milk.

♥ And of course, don't forget the crucial baking playlist. Dancing around and singing at the top of your voice is a key ingredient in the creation of wonderful cakes - I always find a mix of Taylor Swift and the Glee soundtrack works perfectly :D

♥ Add the butter to the sugar.

♥ Then whisk! As you whisk, gradually add the egg. What I usually do is crack the two eggs into a mug, beat them together there, then slowly pour them in.
Oh, and the dress I'm wearing here is from Miss Selfridge :)

♥ Sift the flour & the baking powder together, then whisk it in with the butter, sugar & egg.

♥ I use medium sized eggs, so I like to add a very small splash of milk at this point. If you're using large eggs, this shouldn't be necessary.

♥ Spoon the mix into cake cases til just over half full. I managed to make 16 cupcakes with my mix, but I do have quite small cupcake cases.

♥ Then (my favourite part!) feel free to lick any remaining mix of the spoon :) Mmmm!

♥ Bake for between 15-20 minutes. I always find that 16 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me, but remember, every oven will always be slightly different!

♥ Once the cakes are done, remove them from the oven (and please don't forge to use an oven glove!) & poke them with a knife. If the knife comes out clean, they're done.

♥ Leave the cakes to cool for as long as they need (10-15 minutes should do it) and then, enjoy! You've got just enough time for a cup of tea whilst you're waiting :)

Love, Holly ♥


Primrose said...

You're cupcakes look amazing! Mine always come out deformed :L
Lovely post :-)

Raquel said...

tasty! well done! happy birthday to your friend.

Monster Girl said...

Yummmmmmm *gobbles*

Laura said...

Love cupcakes! Why din't you send me one! :P

Brown and Cappuccino said...

I want to prove it ;)

kiss from Portugal***


Manon said...

I love these! I want one.

Fleur said...

aah, baking cupcakes is sooo nice :D
I used to bake them with my best friend and we always had fun doing that :)
Very nice of you to bake them for your friend; I think you're a very pleasant person :)
xx Fleur

chocandcinnamon said...

I love baking! And those cupcakes look so yummy! (and u look so cute :) )

The Owl Diary said...

These look absolutely delicious! :D

Gem said...

Ooooh they look yummy! How sweet of you to make cakes for your friends birthday because you couldn't afford to buy her anything :)

小美 said...

very popular to u!..............................

Jess said...

These look yummy. I may try this at the weekend.. (': x

ashford said...

so cute. I just made banana nut bread tonight -similar process. Lately my baking playlist has been Tegan & Sara. Maybe we'll share some recipes!