Monday, 1 March 2010

sorry! ♥

Terrible news, lovelies! My beautiful laptop, Prince Antoine, has broken :(
I'm using my Mum's very very quickly just to let you guys know - I'd have posted sooner but I was in Devon this weekend and oh, it's just been manic.
I am both very very gutted and very very sorry - it'll hopefully be fixed soon (which is no fun for my bank account! ouch!) and I'll be back to you all soon as I can.
OH, and just to say, the comments you left on my last post were so so so lovely - you remain the nicest things ever. I just wish I deserved it!
Back soon, beautifuls, I promise :) ♥


katherine said...

oh no that is the worst! i've gone through my share of laptops through the years - it's awful then they die. (or you spill diet pepsi ALL over them...that's worse)
good luck!

Gem said...

Eeeeek! It's so frustrating when things get broken :( I hope it's not too expensive to get fixed and you'll be back soon!

Brown and Cappuccino said...

we are waiting for you :)

kiss from Portugal***

Brown And Cappuccino*

Jenna said...

A BROKEN LAPTOP?! THATS HORRID! I hope he gets better soooooon.

Ohh I was watching your vlog. And I'm weird, cuz you ask what we want you to post more of, and i just htink "TALK MORE!" Because GODDDD I love your accent. But. That's cuz I'm American and uncultured.

But anyways I love your vlogs and outfit posts. =]

And I'm incredibly jealous of your Gryffindor sweater.

Fleur said...

So nice your laptop has a name (:
but it's shit when he decides to die. Poor Prince Antoine, rest in peace, buddy!
So, do you have to look for a new Prince? Or do you want a Princess this time? :P
xx Fleur

AbrahamNee said...

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Annabel said...

Oh, I'm sorry your laptop broke! Just discovered your blog and LOVE it!
x Petite Annabel

donna said...

Oh! I hope Prince Antoine gets better. =(
You take care, dearie. Hope to hear from you soon.