Tuesday, 16 March 2010

school uniform & satchel ♥

Finally, it seems, the long lost sun has remembered Britain!
It's still not warm enough to go without jumper or tights (I'm wearing two pairs of natural-coloured ones here), but it's definitely a nice change to not be wrapped up in layer upon layer of scarves, sweaters & coats.
Anyway, this is - as you can probably tell - my school uniform. I've wanted to make a uniform post for a while (after all, it certainly gets more wear than most of my clothes!), and I'm in my last year of 6th form - which means I'm off to uniform-less university in September - I figured it was about time I got round to it!
Our uniform at my school consists of plain white shirt, plain black shoes, plain black jumper & plain black skirt. Naturally, I interpreted to include a navy & white striped jumper :)

I got this jumper a month or so ago from our beloved Topshop (♥), and I've worn it almost constantly since. It even came with me to Poland, which I visited on Thursday for a trip to Auschwitz. I was going to write about that trip here, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable writing about such a subject on this blog, so I'll nothing more about it. Needless to say it was a truly horrible experience, but one which I firmly believe we all must undertake in our lifetime. If you get the opportunity, go. It's so, so important.

But anyway! Onto a happier subject :)
Tuesdays are always brilliant days because I finish early, so since taking these pictures on my arrival home I've made some cupcakes (which you'll hear all about later!), and am now tucked up on the sofa watching Bright Star. Perfect!

I hope you're all having a magical week!
Ooh, and speaking of magical, you'll notice that my satchel has a clear square space in the front. I didn't want to leave it empty but was at a loss as to what should go in there - so, typical me, I opted for cutting out a section of what is quite obviously the best series of books ever, Harry Potter. Serious bonus points if anyone can tell me which book this is from!

Love, Holly ♥

jumper: topshop
shoes & skirt: dorothy perkins
satchel: asos

Oh, and P.S. Yes, my gate is falling down, and yes, we like to leave the labels on plants. :)


Lindsey said...

Your uniform is actually really cute! I didn't have uniforms in high school, though sometimes I don't think I would've minded: then I wouldn't have spent so much time trying to find clothes to wear ^^;

Kate said...

I love your jumper and bag, I really need a satchel! x

dani said...

I want to say that that's Chamber of Secrets?
Which is, coincidentally, the only Harry Potter book not currently in my room, so I can't check.
..so it's probably not.

Also, I like your jumper. I tried the nice jumper thing once, but I'm taught by Cowton pretty much daily, so. that doesn't seem to work out.

Brown and Cappuccino said...

I love your bag ;)

kiss from Portugal***


Raquel said...

oh sunshine can bright up my mood!!
you look so sweet! and those tights totally look like you are wearing none!

ps: i love that you have a passage of Harry Potter in your bag!! :)

dani said...

..it's prisoner of azkaban, isn't it? I completely forgot about the flying car in chamber of secrets. /fail.

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Ahh, thats weird - we don't have uniform at 6th form! But we have a 'no shorts' and 'no hoodies' rule. I'd hate to have uniform :O. It seems that you've managed to look lovely in yours though :) x