Sunday, 26 April 2009

hi everybody! having been in need of some good old fashion retail therapy for some time now, today i did exactly that, & went shopping :) i spent pleeeenty of money on lots of lovely things, which i'll show you all very soon. i was also incredibly tempted by a pair of £55... trainers?! trainers?!
i know. skate shoes, too. so 2005 of me!

anyway! here i'm wearing an absolutely gorgeous necklace sent to me by the absolutely lovely Raquel, who has fantastic style & is genuinley one of the sweetest people i've ever met. if you haven't already, you simply MUST go & check out her blog. it's wonderful, you won't regret it.
Thank you Raquel! :)

i hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
i'm off to watch history boys now - good night!

(p.s, these sunglasses cost 20p. bargain!)

cardigan: h&m
tights & shoes: primark
dress: new look
sunglasses: matalan
bag: no idea
necklace: raquel

Friday, 24 April 2009

i got the sleeps real bad, you guys!
i.e, i am utterly exhausted, & so i won't be writing much right now :)
as usual let me know what you think & thank you for being so nice to me. much appreciated.

(p.s, totally into this vlogging thing.
i've made about twelve.)

Monday, 20 April 2009

hey guys! last saturday it was my good friend megan's birthday. so me & my other good friend harriet decided to organise a whole day of birthday fun for her :)

we started by having her show up at harriets house. made it pitch black inside of harriet's bedroom, then strung up fairy lights & put tealights all over the place. we stuck pictures of her & her life up until now all over the walls, and set out a huge picnic of all of her favourite foods (cost a fortune!), and played her favourite music :) which was ever so nice.

we then went out into the town, & it was lovely and sunny, and tried on all sorts of silly clothes in all of the shops in town, and had a really nice time just laughing and talking and wandering about lazily in the sunshine.
even if my heels were pretty painful. ouch.

when we came back, we watched madagascar 2! haha. we then went out for a really lovely meal.
after that, we invited a few more of megans best friends to come over, which was really nice. we played lots of nintendo snes & had some pretty intelligent & insightful conversations about body mutiliations.
to be honest, it wasn't really my sort of thing, but megan had a really nice time, which the most important thing!

i didn't take many photos, unfortunately, but here's a few of the few that i did!
i hope you're all okay. what did you get up to this weekend? ♥

(from left to right: megan, me, harriet.)

dress: USC
shoes: faith

Friday, 17 April 2009

vlog ♥

hi! so, basically, for a long time now i've been wanting to introduce some talk about books & history & politics & philosophy and all of that dorky stuff into my blog because, love fashion as i do, i love all of that stuff a whole lot more.
however! i know that, regrettably, not everybody is as big of a loser as i am, and so have been trying to think of a way to make it, well... optional, i suppose!
i've also been wanting to do a video blog for a long time now, & so, genius as i am, i have decided to combine both :D i am going to start doing video blogs focusing on literature and history and classics and alllll of that sort of stuff that i love so much.

and here is the first! in which i discuss oleanna & the point of higher education.

i would reallyreally like to apologise for the quality of this video. clearly i am a newbie to the world of vlogging because i did this with very very poor light, horrible hair, no make up whatsoever and youtube quality is pretty rubbish as it is. however! i have already recorded some much much much better ones, which i did in the LIGHT OF DAY, so you can actually see me! and i don't look so orange, and i don't know why that happened, because i'm actually pale as death.

but yeah, i figured i'd post this all the same, as an introductory vlog, i suppose :)

um! and yes. please please please give me some feedback, it would be most certainly appreciated andddd yeah! let me know what you think :)

thanks guys! ♥

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

yesterday, i had a very rare & very lovely day off. the weather was absolutely beautiful, so i made myself a picnic and took myself on a very long walk down to the quarries. it's a beautiful beautiful area where i live, hidden away. it's not even on council records, that's how few people know about it :) but it's beautiful, utterly utterly beautiful & had a stillness and magnitude and beauty about it that, of course, my shoddy little 7.2 megapixels digital camera doesn't quite manage to capture :) i tried my very best though, & there are lots more photos on my flickr if you'd like to take a look.

i'm so ridiculously lucky to live where i live. it really is incredibly stunning, in ways i'll never be able to photograph or describe, & i love it ever such a lot. i've always loved the forests - they're incredibly beautiful places, and i think it's something about how old they are, how long they've been there, that makes me feel incredibly safe. silly though it sounds, i sort of know who i am, in the forest :) i'll be very sad to leave!

i'd also just like to quickly say how ridiculously lucky i feel to have such lovely readers. i appreciate every single one of you (even if i'm terrible at showing it!), i really really do, & you're all so incredibly, incredibly lovely.

right, silliness over! back to work. i'll post again soon, i promise! ♥

cardigan: george @ asda
skirt: urban outfitters
tights & shoes: topshop
vest: h&m

Saturday, 11 April 2009

gryffindor sweater.
best purchase ever made?
um, blates.

Friday, 10 April 2009

hi everybody, sorry for my absence. school finished for two weeks last fridayyy, but that unfortunately means back to work! so i've been working all day every day and haven't had a chance to take any pictures or do anything worth blogging about. i did have the day off yesterday, and i went to cabot circus with my mum and ended up buying two new skirts from urban outfitters, which i'm sure i'll show you soon :)

everything'll be back to normal soon, i promise. sorry!