Monday, 20 April 2009

hey guys! last saturday it was my good friend megan's birthday. so me & my other good friend harriet decided to organise a whole day of birthday fun for her :)

we started by having her show up at harriets house. made it pitch black inside of harriet's bedroom, then strung up fairy lights & put tealights all over the place. we stuck pictures of her & her life up until now all over the walls, and set out a huge picnic of all of her favourite foods (cost a fortune!), and played her favourite music :) which was ever so nice.

we then went out into the town, & it was lovely and sunny, and tried on all sorts of silly clothes in all of the shops in town, and had a really nice time just laughing and talking and wandering about lazily in the sunshine.
even if my heels were pretty painful. ouch.

when we came back, we watched madagascar 2! haha. we then went out for a really lovely meal.
after that, we invited a few more of megans best friends to come over, which was really nice. we played lots of nintendo snes & had some pretty intelligent & insightful conversations about body mutiliations.
to be honest, it wasn't really my sort of thing, but megan had a really nice time, which the most important thing!

i didn't take many photos, unfortunately, but here's a few of the few that i did!
i hope you're all okay. what did you get up to this weekend? ♥

(from left to right: megan, me, harriet.)

dress: USC
shoes: faith


TheMinx said...

okay, so I didn't have time before to watch your whole vlog, but I just watched it and was so blown away! You say that your thoughts are rambling, but to me they were incredibly cohesive and clear for being off the cuff. I've never read the play, but it sounds really interesting in all the points it brings up. In terms of higher education, I'm in much the same position as you are: I'm not rich but I'm not poor, it's going to be a hassle paying for university, but my family will manage somehow. And I, like you, think it's really really important. But I think it's important because of the direction I want to take in my life. Like you, I know what I want to do and study and all that already, so college is definitely not a place just to "go to for fun". All that aside, I would totally respect someone who didn't want to go there if they felt as though they had some other purpose in life, to use their talents for a non-academic purpose, or to do good in other places or simply to travel for a while to find themselves...I think one of the biggest problems people have in college is that they're expected to decide what they want to study when they don't even know who they are yet as people!

ahh, I'm totally the one rambling now. But anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your vlog, it brought up some really thought-provoking points, and I'll be eagerly awaiting your next!

DaisyChain said...

That looks like so much fun! Your a wonderful friend.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so cool. Especially the tea lights and fairy lights.

yoli said...


jessica said...

that party sounds so cute :)
& i like your outfit !!