Friday, 17 April 2009

vlog ♥

hi! so, basically, for a long time now i've been wanting to introduce some talk about books & history & politics & philosophy and all of that dorky stuff into my blog because, love fashion as i do, i love all of that stuff a whole lot more.
however! i know that, regrettably, not everybody is as big of a loser as i am, and so have been trying to think of a way to make it, well... optional, i suppose!
i've also been wanting to do a video blog for a long time now, & so, genius as i am, i have decided to combine both :D i am going to start doing video blogs focusing on literature and history and classics and alllll of that sort of stuff that i love so much.

and here is the first! in which i discuss oleanna & the point of higher education.

i would reallyreally like to apologise for the quality of this video. clearly i am a newbie to the world of vlogging because i did this with very very poor light, horrible hair, no make up whatsoever and youtube quality is pretty rubbish as it is. however! i have already recorded some much much much better ones, which i did in the LIGHT OF DAY, so you can actually see me! and i don't look so orange, and i don't know why that happened, because i'm actually pale as death.

but yeah, i figured i'd post this all the same, as an introductory vlog, i suppose :)

um! and yes. please please please give me some feedback, it would be most certainly appreciated andddd yeah! let me know what you think :)

thanks guys! ♥


Raquel said...

holly you're not a loser! I loved to see your video. about my opinion, people should definitely go to university if they can! it's a great experience even if you don't know what to do. I'm telling you, I'm graduating this year and this were the years when I learn the most about everything and about myself.
ps: I thought that you'd have more accent :P

Eden said...

i haven't really tried vlogging myself, as i am really quite video-shy, but this seems like a really good idea, so might as well try it sometime!

p.s. your style is incredibly cute.:)

much love


muchlove said...

I loved seeing your video, and hearing your accent! :)
I'm all for higher education too. Not going to university was never an option for me. It opens and feeds your mind so much. It's sad that a lot of people take it for granted.

Eeli said...

EEEEEEEEE! You totally remind me of myself when I vlog lol. I move my arms around often too :D

Firstly your accent is so cute and two I agree education is one of the most important things in this world. HOWEVER I have higher esteem for hard work and ethics in people. I know so many that are excited and 'progressing' in their lives from just working hard whereas those at uni almost seem stagnent in the sense their not really seemingly achieving much.

Btw I indulge in both. Work and school. Its stressfull but necessary and peronally I'm feeling that my work beyond varsity is placing me in a better stead for living my life.

Aah sorry for long comment and if it isn't coherent. I'm in a rush to dash somewhere :*(


DaisyChain said...

You are too adorable for words.

Kate said...

great post, i'm way too scared to actually post a video of myself! oh and i put your link up (:

Kate said...

And I think he's right that a lot of people do go to university for the sake of going to university these days. I guess its just not right for everyone.